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Betty Stoggs

Betty Stogs is an award-winning, copper-coloured bitter brewed since 1997 using Cornish water, whole-flower Celeia,  Northdown and Aurora hops, malted barley and wheat and Skinner’s unique yeast.

Copper-coloured, with a light malty aroma, a floral, even cedar taste, and a sharp tang of bitter grapefruit, this is an ale with a strength of character.  ABV 4.0%







Doom Bar is a perfectly balanced beer combining subtle yet complex flavours. This creates an amber ale which is both satisfying and deliciously moreish.  Spicy resinous hop and sweet roasted malts aroma. A balanced, succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malt taste.  ABV 4.0%





Ramsbury Gold

A rich golden ale  with a lovely light hoppy aroma and taste. ABV 4.5%







Butcombe Rare Breed

A rich golden ale with a light hoppy aroma and taste.  ABV 3.8%







Wicked Lady

From the Clavell and Hind brewery in Birdlip Lechlade Music Festival continues to bring locally sourced ales of distinction. An amber ale with a gentle fresh hop and a sweet, roasted malt and a subtle bitterness.









At Hogan's we're on a bit of a mission not just to tell the world about the provenance and quality of our cider, but entice everyone with the deliciousness of properly made cider and perry. 

There's a few misconceptions around cider that means it sometimes isn't held in the same regard as that other drink.  We want to awaken your senses and offer a new world to explore...

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Original sparkling draught – ABV 4.5% - distinctive appley aroma with peaty notes

Wild Elder sparkling draught – ABV 4.0% – natural rural hedgerow aroma followed by bittersweet English cider taste. Delicate and very dry

Hazy Rays still cider* – ABV 3.9% – light and fruity with an appley aroma. A hint of citrus and berry

Harvest Press still cider* – ABV 5.3% – fresh and bittersweet with peaty undertones. Medium dry

Panking Pole still cider* – ABV 6.2% – authentic, traditional, strong and dry as a bone

* Still ciders will also be available to purchase in 3 litre and 20 litre boxes to save you queuing!

STOWFORD - Sparkling draught mixed berries – ABV 4.0% – a vibrant ruby red, a hint of cider apple followed by aromas of forest fruits and strawberries. Medium sweet


We're taking HUGE steps to reduce our carbon footprint!
Lechlade Festival is saying NO to single use plastics this year.  We're taking steps to reduce our plastic waste and we need YOUR help!

"Refill not Landfill"

Plastic cups in the bars will be replaced with these re-usable beauties.  
£1 will be added to your first drink for your reusable cup - simply exchange it at the bar for a clean one for your next pint!

We've asked our caterers not to bring single use plastics - please avoid bringing single use plastic cutlery, straws and other throwaways as much as possible.
Help us to help our beautiful planet by reducing your rubbish.

What About Water?
Bring your empty re-usable water bottles and fill up from the water points provided - look out for the flags to locate the taps. 
Please remember glass, alcohol and food may NOT be brought into the arena (only into camping).


 Please drink responsibly and respect other festival goers and our neighbours.

No Glass allowed on site & no alcohol may be brought on site – please be aware that bags are searched at the entrance.